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Hand Crafted Log Homes

Hand Crafted Log Homes Colorado |  Paul Bunyan Construction Inc. - hand Crafted Log Homes

Paul Bunyan Construction specializes in Colorado hand crafted log homes.

Paul Bunyan Construction has specialized in hand crafted log homes since 1989. Our construction method relies on the skills of experienced craftsmen to ensure your home is built for life. We craft log homes with a number of approaches, but we prefer the Scandinavian Full Scribe Method. We also build chink-style and post-and-beam log homes for our clients in the Colorado area. The difference between the Scandinavian approach and the chink-style has to do with the way that the logs are joined together. Some log home builders manufacture their log homes in large factories and rely on chinking and inadequate rubber gaskets to fill the gaps. Because our hand crafted log homes are individually joined by experienced craftsmen, there is no need to chink the spaces between adjoining pieces of timber.

To ensure an optimal aesthetic appearance for your home, our owner travels to the timber stands and picks out the accent pieces. We use a variety of different lumber in our custom homes, and we work hard to ensure your accents are designed for fit, finish and form. Because we work with a variety of different wood, we can help you achieve virtually any look. Our logs have an average diameter of 12 inches in the middle, and we routinely use lumber that is up to 24 inches in diameter.

At Paul Bunyan Construction Inc. we are constantly looking for ways to better ways to repair, restore, and protect your log home investment. We begin with proper diagnosing of your complete home. We then design and engineer a plan of repair for log rot repairs from the sill log to the ridgepole log. This stage of engineering and planning of repair should only be done by an experienced log home builder. This varies from log replacement and structural reinforcement, to complete log wall replacement, followed by rot and insect protection treatments. Fourthly, by our use of the best stain products with the longest and most comprehensive warranties. Finally, we offer free consulting for design changes for water drainage, exposure issues, and lifelong home inspection skills, in order to preserve your log home investment for more than five generations to come.