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Log Home Construction

Log Home Construction Colorado |  Paul Bunyan Construction Inc. - Log Home Construction

For stunning, modern log home construction, Paul Bunyan Construction is ready to help you design and finish your project. We have been building luxurious homes since 1989, and we currently complete two or three projects each year. Because we have spent years in the industry, our homes are designed for comfort, energy-efficiency and a maximum lifespan. We specialize in the Scandinavian Full Scribe Method, and our team of craftsmen and designers will ensure your home is simply spectacular.

Paul Bunyan Construction offers quality Colorado log home construction.


The Scandinavian method that we use in our hand crafted log homes goes back more than 1,000 years and was first used in the Nordic Countries. Some of the homes that were first built using this construction technique are still around today. Because the weather in these countries is extremely cold, the building technology is designed to ensure comfortable temperatures with minimal heating. Our approach is an ideal way to optimize your home comfort levels, and studies show that the large logs used in Scandinavian-Scribed structures endow the exterior walls with an R-value of 24 and higher.

Whereas many modern log homes are designed and finished on a factory floor, our homes are individually scribed by some of the world’s leading craftsmen. Our approach does not rely on chinking to fit logs; we hand scribe each piece of lumber to ensure an optimal fit. This process takes time and ensures that your home has an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance, is energy efficient and weather tight.